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You can browse or download a zip file of the Open Hardware Monitor source code at the repository page https://github.com/openhardwaremonitor/openhardwaremonitor. Welcome to tracetcp. tracetcp is a command line traceroute utility for WIN32 that uses TCP SYN packets rather than ICMP/UDP packets that the usual implementations. NextGIS QGIS. NextGIS QGIS — полнофункциональная настольная ГИС основанная на QGIS, предназначена для. Geohit.ru - сайт для геологов. Информационно-справочный сайт по основным разделам геологии.

Atom is a text editor that's modern, approachable, yet hackable to the core—a tool you can customize to do anything but also use productively without. Примеры программ на языке Haskell. Contribute to Haskell-Examples development by creating an account on GitHub. GitHub это социальный репозиторий для проектов с открытым исходным кодом, использующих Git для контроля версий исходного кода. Главная задача. Warning! FreeCAD has moved! FreeCAD code and latest release files are now hosted on github: https://github.com/FreeCAD/FreeCAD. This repository still. Conference program. Conference program was formed and call for papers is closed now. First version of detailed schedule you can find below. Changes are still possible. Example code for Adafruit data logging shield. Contribute to Light-and-Temp- logger development by creating an account on GitHub. PascalABC.NET + Microsoft NET Framework v4.0 (Setup, 66 Mb) Для первой установки Содержит: Система программирования. LOIC (акроним от англ. Low Orbit Ion Cannon — рус. Низкоорбитальное ионное орудие) — программа. HandBrake is a tool for converting video from nearly any format to a selection of modern, widely supported codecs. Reasons you’ll love HandBrake.

Хакер с ником Pr0x13, выложил в Интернет программу iDict, с помощью которой, как он заявляет. Celestia – совершенно бесплатный космический 3D симулятор вселенной. Дополнения для Celestia. Ключевые особенности PascalABC.NET. Ряд расширений языка Pascal, в числе которых оператор foreach. The packages are automatically built based on the master branch on github. Note: The packages are called "openscad-nightly" so it's possible to install.

Fast and secure desktop app, perfectly synced with your mobile phone. GitHub Desktop is a seamless way to contribute to projects on GitHub and GitHub to create a new repository or clone an existing one directly from GitHub.com. A Python library for USB CO2 meter. Contribute to co2meter development by creating an account on GitHub.; Fixed a bug preventing from creating FTF bundles; Changed fsc search logic; Fix for Nougat sin files parsing. FT should RDP Wrapper Library by Stas'M Данный проект позволяет включить поддержку сервера удалённых рабочих.

Самая большая коллекция субтитров к фильмам, мультфильмам и сериалам на русском языке. Downloads (Site has been updated) Read before download: Cheat engine is for educational purposes only. Before you attach Cheat Engine to a process, please Download. This software is provided "as-is," without any express or implied warranty. In no event shall the author be held liable for any damages arising Authors. Alasdair Allan (alasdair@babilim.co.uk) @aallan on Twitter Pete Warden (pete@petewarden.com) @petewarden on Twitter This application relies on map tiles. Ciscer - Программа для успешного написания тестов CCNA без заучивания ответов. Основная информация о программе. GitHub Desktop – программа для удобной работы с проектами, размещенными на одноименном сервисе. Standalone version of the DirectShow filters used inside of MPC-HC. For use in other DirectShow software. Note, that LAV Filters aren't included in standalone filters. Программа ETKA, Program ETKA, ETKA онлайн, ETKA-онлайн, этка онлайн, этка-онлайн, ETKA online, ETKA-online, VOLKSWAGEN

Official Installers Stable FreeCAD installers. The FreeCAD team provides ready-to-install packages for Windows (32 and 64bits), Mac OS X (Mavericks 10.9 64bits) Скачать последнюю версию VkOpt VkOpt для Maxthon Для работы расширения необходим Maxthon не ниже 4ой. Download the most advanced FREE DJ software available, featuring iTunes integration, MIDI controller support, internet broadcasting, and integrated music library. GitHub Security Bug Bounty. Software security researchers are visit their individual pages. For the full list of contributors, check out GitHub's bounty hunters. UPX homepage: the Ultimate Packer for eXecutables Welcome. UPX is a free, portable, extendable, high-performance executable packer for several executable formats.

Cameyo: turn Windows applications into a single EXE file, which can be moved from one computer to another and used from a Web browser. Uhd-java - Java wrapper library for the USRP Hardware Driver via JavaCPP. UNetbootin allows you to create bootable Live USB drives for Ubuntu, Fedora, and other Linux distributions without burning a CD. It runs on Windows, Linux

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